Best Mining Guide for Hero Cat

HERO CAT Mining Pet is a completely new way to develop pets and players choose the path that best suits their needs. Mining Pets can be roughly divided into two types, allowing members to choose according to their preferences.When the user has MUMU and TOTO, mining can be done automatically 24 hours a day. Approximately 10% of the entire mining pool is accounted for by Mining Pets Pool, which has 10 billion HCTs in total.

Mining pet called Hero Cat:

As community members and game players. Our team views community and game sustainability as a long-term goal dedicated, To creating real value using blockchain technology. While developing our algorithms, we paid great attention to balance. With this algorithm, the HCT output of the new mining pool will be affected by the number of Hero Cat miners. The number of HCTs burned, and the total hash rate of all HERO CAT miners.

Under this algorithm, the number of HCTs issued is also affected. By the number of new players and the number of HCTs burned. New members are able to benefit from their first mining operation because their input increases the amount of HCT that will be rewarded through the AI ​​algorithm. After the first mining activity, the new mining block will return to normal. It also benefits loyal members who have been with us since the beginning. Through this algorithm, we hope to better develop our community and our game. Members of our community, no matter when they join, play an important role in the success of our community and our game.

Floating Output Contribution Teams:

HCT output will be affected by the total quantity of HERO CAT Mining Pets, the amount of HCT burned, the total hash rate, and the price of the HCT. There are 24 hours in the mining block. Every day, a new mining block will open at 12:00 AM (EST). The contribution of the old mining block affects the output of the new mining block. For example, Mining Pet A burned more HCT colleges than Mining Pet B in the previous mining block. When other factors, such as pet levels, are the same, Mining Pet A will earn more HCTs than Mining Pet B in the new mining block.

Introduction to Mining Pet Cat Champion:

HERO CAT players have the option to purchase a Mining Pet NFT, which will automatically mine a HERO CAT Token for them. Users can increase Mining Pet’s hash rate by purchasing items such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. HCTs can be earned more easily when the user has a high hash rate. Purchased items are automatically copied when acquired with HCT. In addition to the cryptocurrency used to purchase items, users can donate cryptocurrency to the community. These cryptocurrencies will be used to power the community. The miner’s pet can reach a maximum of 1000. After the level reaches 1000, it can’t be upgraded anymore. When the user’s hash rate increases by 10, the pet’s mining level will increase by one. When you level up, the appearance of the mining animal will change.

Pet mining level causes the output to float:

As the level of the mining pet increases, the hash rate increases. Users contribute more to society as more HCT burns to increase the level of pet mining. As the contribution weight increases, the weight of the mine pet level also increases. Every 100 levels leveled for the pet, the weight of the hash rate will increase, and the output will also increase.

Exchange pet mining hero cat:

Both MUMU and TOTO are Mining Cats and NFTs. The market will allow people to trade their Mining Cats or transfer them. The market has no restrictions on buying and selling. The old members can sell their Mining Cat to the new members, and the new members can buy a new Mining Cat and raise it. The HERO CAT Mining Cat, with a level of 1000 and 10,000 hash rates, is also available on the market for new users. To upgrade a hashrate, you would need 5 HCTs for each HCT currently available. It is easy to understand that 1USDT can upgrade one hashrate. If users use HCT to upgrade, there is no limit to the quantity of HCT they can spend, but if they use USDT, the limit is 50 USDT per day.


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