Affordable SUV’s with Impeccable Quality

One of the most popular vehicle types in the world over is SUVs. In some locations, an SUV is a necessary transportation, but even in more urban settings, the space, utility and even the look of an SUV is as popular a vehicle type as any. The real sticking point is affordability. With this in mind, it is little wonder why the New Dacia Duster is growing into a popular choice for people with a desire to own an SUV on a limited budget.

The Surprising Affordability of the Duster

In the past, for people with a limited budget, buying an SUV meant buying used. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with a used SUV, it doesn’t always satisfy some people’s desire to have a new SUV. Fortunately, the Dacia Duster now allows individuals to buy a new SUV at used SUV prices.

Many Qualified Service Locations

Because Dacia works in tandem with Renault, if a Duster requires service, either routine or to repair a breakdown, finding expert repair services from trained Dacia mechanics won’t be difficult. However, the benefits to the Duster don’t end there.

Horsepower Options

From a driving standpoint, there is plenty of power. Buyers will have a choice between a 1.6-liter gas power plant or, for a bit more horsepower, many people choose either the 1.5-liter diesel or the 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol engine.

Suspension Details

What makes this Dacia offering so unique is that it is entirely unpretentious. The Duster’s frame is that of a Renault Clio that has been enlarged and beefed up. The Duster will also perform quite well on muddy road and fields, especially with a 4×4 suspension package.

A Simple and Effective Design

The no-fuss attitude of the Duster also extends to the interior. The layout of the Duster is uncluttered and easy to navigate. While this may be a downside to some, for many people who struggle to learn a complicated dash, the Duster has a refreshingly simple design.

These things are just a sampling of benefits of the Duster. With that said, if you’ve always wanted to own an SUV, but a new vehicle was well outside of your budget, you would be well advised to check out the Dacia Duster today.