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How People No Longer Care

The world is growing more and more violent with each passing day. The news seems to be dominated by grueling accounts of domestic violence, child abuse, civil unrest, and aggression, among other forms of society going berserk. As time goes, people become less concerned with such happenings, till it fades into the background. This is why we have so many people who do not care about what is going on around them. We need to make a change to all this.

Children also do not see what the big deal is. They see no problem with all the violence around them. When a neighbor is suffering; nobody will bother to get concerned. Even if it is children suffering when we see the news, we tend to quickly brush it off, since it is not our children anyway.

Every time we ignore what is presented to us in shocking detail, we kill that humane side of our lives that is supposed to guide us to do better. There are many examples we are shown of how people are suffering, being trafficked, enslaved, and such, yet we do nothing. So when they announce incidences of animal cruelty, we are already way less concerned to care. This is why so many reports of this nature have no significant impact on the audience. This can be seen when animals are used as testing mules for so many experiments and trials, most of them simply too cruel. The meat industry is also a major contributor to this.

There are so many cases of people behaving violently towards the animals they see on a daily basis. People who keep pets may find this absurd. Unfortunately, this is what is happening to millions of dogs and cats.

The way these animals suffer goes to show people how far we have come as a society. It is almost normal to see the strong hurting the weak. This would explain why someone would find it normal to injure a harmless and peaceful pet. Pets need their owners to make it through life. They are the least interested in hurting these people. They thus deserve better treatment from these people.

It is important for everyone to rise up and do something about this. There exist so many animals under oppression that need someone to advocate for them. This will only happen when people admit that there is a problem. There is a problem when people go missing and nobody bothers following up. We also need to be vigilant when it comes to incidences of animal cruelty. There has to be a collective agreement to support causes like the Humane Society of the United States’ one. The Humane Society tries to do its part in creating awareness of what is the true picture of such cruelty. Help support the work of the HSUS, and together, we can stop this cruelty.

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